Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Uruguay Edition

Hoy fue lindo. Cuando salía a casa, el sol estaba levantando y el aire estaba fresco y crespo. El cielo estaba azul y naranja- los colores brillante que indican el día va a estar un día bien. Mientras estaba caminando, podría ver mi aliento como un soplo de humo. Pero, desemejante de soplo del cigarillo, estaba respirando oportunidad y optimismo. Había alguna niebla que agrega un sentido de nostalgia. Caminé abajo la colina y podría he estado en escene apertura de una película. Acercé las pistas del Trén de la Costa y delante todos estaron siluetas. Estaba muy contenta.

Today was beautiful outside. It felt like an Autumn day back in Seattle with clear skies and cool crisp air. So much I need to update on.

Our ‘field trip’ last week was to the countryside, al campo. The estimated hour bus ride ended up taking more than three because there was fog and some roads closed down. We eventually arrived though and were treated to an asado. Basically we were fed five different types of meats and sausage while we watched some traditional dancing and listened to the accompanying music. Despite the fact it was very touristy, it was still fun. At the end they told us we all had to get up and dance so our table valiantly obliged. Definitely goofy because everyone was jumping up and down as opposed to dancing, but we had some good laughs. Oh, and the guy performer invited me to dance as part of the show and that was embarrassing/funny. Supposedly he looks like Tom Cruise. Hahaha, anyway he did some crazy footwork and stomping with the folkloric music. Watched the gauchos play some horse games and even got to ride one. Fun stuff.

Did you watch fireworks on the 4th? I was a bit sad to be missing out on the bbqs and celebrations, but I’ve got to admit our trip to Uruguay was pretty sweet. We celebrated this past Independence Day by sailing across the Rio de la Plata to a little town called Colonia del Sacramento. And it really was little; anywhere you needed to go you could walk to. There were a lot of mopeds though and people there carry around thermos of hot water and their maté like people in the States carry around Starbucks. We visited a little church, a lighthouse, a bookstore, and watched the Negotiator at our hostel. Went out to dinner at a local restaurant where I shared a famous Uruguayan dish with Nate, which basically was a steak topped with a mountain of cheese, bacon, and an egg, served with a load of french fries. Hello cholesterol. Oh! I also had chocolate caliente earlier in the day with Colleen and it was sooo delicious: solid chocolate dropped in hot milk so that it melts while you drink it. You have to try it. We ended the night playing card games and mafia.

I feel as though a good portion of my entries are about food…oh well. I actually plan to devote one whole entry on food later. Hahaha

On Saturday, the weather gods gave us a perfect day while Colonia graced us with a beautiful beach. We stayed there for hours after a long lazy lunch just soaking up the sun and playing in the water and sand. Whenever I seek tranquility, I will think of that beach. Finished right with a visit to the heladoría for ice cream followed by watching the sunset.

So there is a saying here in Argentina: matar el tiempo, or literally: to kill the time. Contradicts our saying of time is money, no? I already touched on it earlier and will probably expand on this point later but I’ve already written so much. I’m headed to Cordoba this weekend with my host sister and her cousin, both named Maria. I’m so excited, they have horses we can ride and we’ll be surrounded by mountains. Cordoba is located to the West of Buenos Aires and promises to deliver on natural beauty. You’ll definitely see some pictures! Until then my friends, make sure to wear your sunscreen and drink tons of water. Oh, and please eat tons of what I can’t really here: mainly good asian food, peanut butter, watermelon, peaches, strawberries, broccoli, asparagus, a GOOD salad, etc… :)

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tvnt said...

Looking good, Tif. 7/4 was fun but a better one is awaiting your return. Can't wait to hear your Spanish! lv