Friday, July 18, 2008

No No

That's the name of the small town I traveled to in Cordoba last week with Maria and her two cousins Maria (Cuki) and Raquel. They told me it was named that because there were two distinct mountains that looked like breasts and so No No was born. I'm not sure if they were pulling my leg or not... We took a bus there Thursday night and arrived Friday morning. It was about an 11 hour bus ride but we slept most of the way. Stayed there Friday - Sunday and got back Monday morning in time for class.

I believe that Cordoba was the highlight of my trip. The land was beautiful and took my breath away. Imagine a place where at night there's no artificial lighting except for a small house about a mile away, where you can appreciate how bright the moon actually shines, and the sky is so vast above you that you feel like the stars form a web over you. During the day it was hot and for the most part we lazed around in the sun, barbecuing, and just talking. It was so relaxing. We also walked to a nearby river, went out dancing at a deserted club in a nearby town, and I got to ride a horse again! There's not much more to say about the trip except I hold it close to heart. I had the chance to bond with Maria, Cuki, and Raquel and be surrounded by nature at its best for three days. Oh I did have the best asado during my whole trip there as well.

It's pretty crazy that I only have about a week left here in Argentina. I leave next Sunday, the 27th. I'm really excited to be going home because I miss everyone and would like to enjoy summer in Seattle, but at the same time I know I'll miss it here in Buenos Aires. I love my family here dearly and am sure that I'll be back some day to visit. I told Maria that if she ever wants to come to the States, she has a place in Seattle... And then she came to me with this idea: she wants to study cinema at a university there and could do a homestay at my house. Of course I was excited and told her yes on the spot, with your permission of course Mom & Dad. I think she's pretty serious and plans on looking into it to see if can work out. Maybe just during one summer? We'll see...

Last night a bunch of us went to this restaurant where every Thursday night it turns into sort of a Jazz club. Clarke's been playing there the past couple weeks with the band. It was completely filled with old people just talking, laughing, and enjoying the music. It was one of my favorite nights in Buenos Aires because we got to witness and participate in something that was really part of the culture. Argentines love to get together any chance they get to chat and just enjoy each other's company. I love it. Another example: I went with ChiChi to her yoga class last Monday at this really swanky country club-like place. Before it class started, it felt more like a little get together/fiesta because everyone was just chatting like old friends. I had the urge to laugh during the work out a few times because it seemed so silly when I thought to myself how I was doing yoga with my host mom and about 40 other middle-aged Argentines. But then I got somewhat depressed because all I thought for the rest of the hour was how unflexible I have become...Sigh, so sad. I know when I get back I'll pay for it in Vovinam.

Some other highlights these past couple weeks: visited the Recoleta Cemetary where a bunch of famous people are buried. Except this cemetary is special because there are monuments, some with really great architecture, as opposed to head stones. The place looks more like a small town than a grave yard. Went to the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA museum) today. A lot of modern art, some very interesting and others I didn't really care for much.

I may or may not write one last blog before I leave. Oh and check out what's been happening here in Buenos Aires:
Miss you all and see you in a week or two!

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Deep said...

Hi Tiffany -- This is bac Diep. I read your blog. Pictures are beautiful. Glad to see you met new friends and have good time there. Enjoy the beautiful moment of life. Chao