Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just wanted to share a cool picture from the plane ride. I'll post most on picasa:

We didn't do much during the first day of class, it really begins tomorrow. Today was all introductions and a tour of the campus- which is small but really pretty. I finally saw the rest of the group for the first time and I think we definitely took advantage of speaking freely in English. Well there's not much else to say about today except that we all had a really long lunch on the water.

Yesterday I went to an asado (bbq) with Maria. We sat outside and it was sooo cold but the food was good and it was interesting to see another side of Buenos Aires. We went to her cousin's house who lives more in the country side where people basically own small estates. There was a pool, tennis court, and separate house for their grandpa but it was all very, very old- I can just imagine how grand it must have been in the past. Got to talk with tons of new people and even held my own for a while.

The day before was pretty lazy and we just stayed around the house most of the day. Spent more time with Maria and met some of her friends. Friday we went to a cousin's confirmation where the entire cathedral was packed. It was beautiful inside and the singing was lovely. Afterwards we went to their house to celebrate and I met a bunch of the family. They have tons of girls in this family and all around the same age. The conversation was silly a lot of the time and they just cracked me up.

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